Home Piano Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Repetitive-motion or Piano Practice and Performance Repetitive Motion Injuries, Nerve Damage Correction Carpal Tunnel Home Arthritic Arthritis care and treatment with young woman is holding a senior woman's hand for help. Age-related hand and wrist treatments Working to improve flexibility, reduce pain Work Injuries Treatment of work-related injuries for machinery operators, hair stylists, and cooks and chefs. Work-related Injuries, Occupational Coverage Wrist & Fingers Frisco Hand Center Treatment of Repetitive-Motion Sports and Work Injuries. Sports and Repetitive Motion Injuries,
Nerve Damage Treatments
Rehabilitation Woman exercising with light weight dumbbell physical therapy. Performance Rehabilitation Therapies Fractures and Sprains Fractures and Sprains Treatment for wrist, hand, and finger fractures and sprains. Nerve Injuries and Testing Nerve Injuries and Conduction Velocity Testing Frisco Hand Center provides Nerve Conduction Velocity Testing. Tendonitis and Trigger Digits Tendonitis and Trigger Digits Treatment Frisco Hand Center - Specializing in Trigger-Finger Treatments Dupuytren's Treatment Dupuytren's treatment including the Xiaflex injection protocol Photo of male hand requiring Xiaflex Protocol treatments for Dupuytren's contracture

Home Piano Repetitive Motion Injuries Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Home Arthritic Age-related hand & wrist treatments Improve flexibility, reduce pain Work Injuries Work-related Injuries, Occupational Coverage Tennis Wrist & Fingers Sports and Repetitive Motion Injuries, Nerve Damage Treatments Rehabilitation Performance Rehabilitation Sprain and Fractures Fractures and Sprains
Dupuytren’s Contracture Treatment Dupuytren’s Contracture Carpal Tunnel Typing Syndrome Carpal Tunnel Tendonitis Trigger Finger Trigger Digit Treatment Tendonitis

Frisco Hand Center is a physician owned, physician run medical practice located in the heart of Frisco, Texas.  We opened in 2015, and have been developing a presence in the community based upon high quality care, exceptional customer service, and trusting relationships with patients and the local business community.  We continue to reach out to patient groups, businesses, organizations, and local schools.  We want to be a valuable part of the community, and that is how we do business.  Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you soon!

To schedule an appointment, please call us at (214) 618-5719 or email us at info@friscohandcenter.com.   If you would like to register for the Athena Portal and request an appointment on-line, use the Patient Portal link above, in the top menu.